Alien Invasion Lite LWP Live Wallpaper

Alien Invasion Lite LWP Live Wallpaper for Android


LITE version of artwork heavily inspired by Mass Effect 3. Aliens are invading Planet Earth and a futuristic city is being destroyed. From the creator of the Dragon Ball and Naruto live wallpaper series, I present you with this city destruction home screen.

The story of Commander Shepard saving earth from the Reapers have obviously influenced this animated artwork. This live wallpaper is not meant to represent the Reapers or Mass Effect; all design work was done from scratch. Though I did design the aliens to closely resemble the Reapers and aliens from The Avengers.

This is the LITE version. The video preview below displays the FULL version. FULL version includes
1) Lasers from Aliens
2) Textured aliens
3) Sparks
4) Small Explosions at the bottom
5) Moving alien legs ‘animation

If there’s any problems/errors/bugs please email me with your phone model and android version. If it works, please rate/review it =) I promise to add more if the feedback is good.

HOW TO SET LIVE WALLPAPER – Yep you read it right, I get 2 emails a day asking why the wallpaper is not appearing in the apps section, where’s the app, etc… Some leave bad ratings and never change it sigh. To set it, press menu button -> wallpaper -> live wallpapers -> select Alien Invasion LITE.

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