Bubbleator Live Wallpaper

Bubbleator Live Wallpaper for Android


Stream Facebook, Twitter, SMS and other content directly to your home screen!

This unique live wallpaper brings your home screen to life with the information that is most useful and interesting to you. The Bubbleator streams bubbles of information across the display including your Facebook news feed, Twitter posts, upcoming events, missed calls and texts. Flick items you have seen out of the stream, or tug it back and forth to discover more information!

You can choose which bubbles you want displayed, and control the number of posts by person. It even lets you set the background to any image from your gallery.

The Bubbleator supports Android 2.1+ devices that support live wallpapers. We’ll be adding additional features and device support in future releases.

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If this is your first time to install a live wallpaper using our site, feel free to visit our comprehensive guide on this matter. If not, use one of two well-known options:

1. option:
Press the button below to be sent directly to the Google Play page.

2. option:
Scan QR code with your mobile device to be redirected to Google Play (good if you combine your desktop and mobile device). how to?

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