Dark Scene Lite Live Wallpaper

Dark Scene Lite Live Wallpaper for Android


Dark, creepy, and versatile. The right thing for fans of darknes, and gothic.

Let us show you the beautiful side of the darkness. Our App “Dark Scene” comes with an innocent Lolita or let the grave Angels look after you. The Grim Reaper already took the gothic Virgin. Vail and cross complete the gothic scenes, steel chains und sculls makes it creepier. Combine the various levels and colors to your unique live wallpaper. Let particles appear on the scene while touching your screen.

Currently Supported display resolutions
are automatically detected
480 x 854
480 x 800
360 x 640
320 x 480
240 x 320

The Lite version is a DEMO and does not provide the full functionality.

The LITE version includes
-sd-card support
-1 of 3 Character scene
-2 of 4 colors
-1 of 3 backgrounds
-1 of 3 moving border
-particle emitter

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Not every device supports live wallpapers verify that you can select the live wallpaper menu.
[homescreen->menu button->wallpaper->live wallpaper]
If you have a problem with our Apps or the payment then please contact us by mail.
The reviews we can not answer.
In case of problems we need information about the used phone and the installed android version.

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