Feeling Good Gold Lake Lite LW Live Wallpaper

Feeling Good Gold Lake Lite LW Live Wallpaper for Android


Feeling Good LW has prepared for you incredible landscapes with sound & movement.
Enjoy in your mobile with golden nightfalls in immense lakes, the loneliness of a lighthouse, the curious behavior of frogs, the hypnotizing movement of the clouds, the harmonic ¬†flow of the water and it sound, magic shooting stars, little wild animals…
Through marvelous landscapes Feeling Good live wallpapers take your mind to its natural harmony with Nature, helping you to recover the balance and relax we lose day after day.
Dare to try a Feeling Good! Choose the fantastic sceneries among Golden Lake, Golden Lake LITE (free), Reeds, European Old City, Lighthouse and Sunset in Blue Lake.
Golden Lake: an atmosphere filled with the gold of the sunset of a summer night in a lake, a little pier, water moving with soft waves, a cloud crossing the sky and as sound track the voice of the sea. Nature in its purest state, the majestic fly of flocks of birds following their guide and drowing endless forms in the sky.
Configurable elements: wave speed, cloud speed, water sound, kind of movement of birds, maximum number and speed of birds.
Golden Lake LITE (free): version without cloud and sound.
Configurable elements: wave speed, maximum number and speed of birds.
Setting method:home screen>menu>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper
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