Halloween Lights Free LW Live Wallpaper

Halloween Lights Free LW Live Wallpaper for Android


Halloween live Wallpaper with lot of lights moving around pumpkins in the night. This is a free Lite version, only have 2 themes to choose, in FULL VERSION you can CHOOSE between HUNDRED of COLORS, and modify the LIGHTS POPULATION (0-100, default:30).

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On the night of Halloween, the souls shine under the light of the moon because they are happy to return to this world and, to celebrate, they dance in the cemetery near the pumpkins with flames fed by the wind of the night, while the full moon is the only witness of the party, and you? Download this halloween live wallpaper and check it.

In this halloween live wallpaper not only the lights are alive, the grass is gently rocked by the wind, and pumpkins breathe for light up, with the flames of hell, the way back from the soul., while a mystical fog moves quickly through the sacred land. Turn off the lights in this halloween live wallpaper and you can see evil smile of the pumpkins.

In the FULL version you get:

This halloween live wallpaper is full customizable, you can choose between hundreds of colors for all elements to your liking, Moon, fog, sky, fence, pumpkin flames, lights and countdown are customizable. You can turn off the lights too.

Lights population (0-100)
It will fit just about any android devices and tablet.
Countdown mode.
Supports landscape mode
Supports home screen scrolling
Full color customizable
Themes for easy config

The spirit of halloween is here, only 1 day of year comes but you can get it all year in your device by installing this halloween live wallpaper.

Home/Menu/Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper-> select Halloween Lights Live Wallpaper

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