Hocus Pocus 3D Free Trial Live Wallpaper

Hocus Pocus 3D Free Trial Live Wallpaper for Android


This free trial version has only a few options enabled and is intended solely to test for compatibility with your devices.

Hocus Pocus Free Trial is a fully 3D animated live wallpaper for your Android device featuring a magic wand that taps the magic hat to start the action, including:

• Cute Rabbits
• White Doves
• Playing Cards
• Magical Gloves (throwing fireballs at you!)
• The Android Robot
• Portrait and landscape modes
• Tablets supported (Virtually any device running Android 2.3 and above)
• Smooth scrolling through home screens
• Near-zero battery usage
• Onscreen Battery (Magic) Meter
• And the tastiest flavors of the Android OS such as Cupcakes, Donuts, Gingerbread Cookies, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Jellybeans, and, of course the latest flavor, KitKat…

…all coming out of the magic hat for you to enjoy!

The Full Version is fully customizable with:

• 3 Colors of Rabbits
• 4 Curtain Colors
• 4 Colors of Hatbands
• 3 Wood Colors for the Stool
• 3 Flavors of Cupcakes
• 3 Flavors of Donuts
• 2 Flavors of Jellybeans
• 3 Flavors of KitKats
• 2 Colors of Playing Cards
• 5 Levels of Wallpaper Quality to accomodate for lower power devices
• Screen Centering Adjustment for Android 4.4 devices
• Ability to set the frequency of the random closeup rabbits
• Ability to set the frequency of the wand tapping on the hat
• Ability to turn the battery meter on and off
• Ability to turn the cracked screen effect on and off

Loading the wallpaper can take anywhere from a few seconds to as many as 30 seconds to load on some devices.
Please allow the wallpaper to fully load before tapping the “Set Wallpaper” button to ensure that it doesn’t force close.
It’s advised that you try the Free Trial Version before you purchase the full version to be sure of a great experience with this app on your devices.

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2. option:
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