Best Space Live Wallpapers

When it comes to most popular wallpapers in general, space themes are in the top bracket. People love their on Earth landscapes for sure but they also love the vastness and pure awesomeness that is space. However, since space live wallpapers are so popular you can imagine there are tons available and it would take a while sifting through the pile to find the good ones. Luckily for you we compiled our own list for best space live wallpapers so you can find the most out of this world (pun intended) wallpapers.

Shadow Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Shadow Galaxy

Want a space live wallpaper that doesn’t have any cumbersome planets in it? Shadow Galaxy wallpaper is the one for you then. As you can tell the Shadow Galaxy wallpaper is literally just a great image of a galaxy. You can see far distant planets in the theme but they aren’t the main focus like most space live wallpapers. There are a lot of different galaxies you can choose from and everything is animated giving a trippy illusion of floating through space.

Solar System HD Deluxe Edition Live Wallpaper

Solar System HD Deluxe

The Solar System HD Deluxe Edition wallpaper is another wallpaper that gives you the whole shebang. You get all your familiar planets which are available in a zoomed out solar system view. There are also some nice features in the Solar System HD Deluxe Edition wallpaper such as animated gas giant planets, a realistic sun, different star backgrounds, along with nebulae and the works. It also uses the gyroscope to get that nice parallax look and lots of customization settings.

Overland HD Live Wallpaper

Overland HD

While not as “spacey” as some of the wallpapers on this list the Overland HD Live Wallpaper still qualifies. In this wallpaper you sort of take on the roll as a satellite looking down at Earth from high above. This gives some cool looks though as you can explore over cities, mountains, deserts, tropics, etc. All of these are real pictures taken from real satellites. There are also animated clouds and airplanes you can see as you look down below. The Overland HD Live Wallpaper really gives some great views that make your phone’s background look amazing.

Deep Space 3D Pro Live Wallpaper

Deep Space 3D Pro

Most of the wallpapers on this list show our own solar system for the most part, so you’ll see a lot of Earths, Mars, etc. But what the Deep Space 3D Pro Live Wallpaper does is actually go into “deep” space and show some cool looking fabricated planets. You’ll explore and find a apocalyptic fire world, ice world, desert worlds and more all in great detail like the other space live wallpapers on this list. You also get to see the different nebulae, asteroids, space auras, etc. Feel like an astronaut with the Deep Space 3D Pro Live Wallpaper.

Metaballs Liquid HD Live Wallpaper

Metaballs Liquid HD

The Metaballs Liquid HD wallpaper is certainly an interesting one as there is a “story” behind it. Basically mysterious metaballs arrived from the universe and now you get to explore them and discover all they have. What this basically means is there are tons of themes you can switch between with the Metaballs Liquid HD wallpaper. For instance there is a minimalistic theme, a flowers theme, a phoenix theme, alien planet theme, plastic world theme, melon world, burning space theme, etc. Most are certainly weird but look cool and are in beautiful HD.

GyroSpace 3D Live Wallpaper

GyroSpace 3D

Due to the nature of the name in the GyroSpace 3D Live Wallpaper you can kind of guess what main feature this wallpaper will have. Yes, it is gyroscope reactivity with space themes. This makes for a really cool wallpaper as you get the detailed planets, nebulae and other space features along with having them move along with you. In addition to the interesting parallax movement, the GyroSpace 3D Live Wallpaper has a lot of customization features like planet rings, snow cycle, shooting stars and more. GyroSpace 3D Live Wallpaper really brings the full feel of space to your phone.

Unreal Space HD Live Wallpaper

Unreal Space HD

Another wallpaper that gives you the full solar system effect is the Unreal Space HD wallpaper. With the Unreal Space HD wallpaper you get close up shots of all the planets you know and some great features and customization. There is the typical 3D parallax effect and a floating camera effect. You can customize your view and the sun’s lens flare effect. There are also asteroids, nebulae and the typical space features you find in most of the space live wallpapers.

3D Earth HD Live Wallpaper

3D Earth HD

Want a space themed wallpaper but only with Earth in it? 3D Earth Live Wallpaper HD is your ticket. You may think that since this wallpaper only has Earth it is less detailed than other space live wallpapers but you’d be wrong in this case. Sure it only has Earth but the detail and customization is still top notch. The Earth pictures are used using real pictures and there are day/night cycles. In addition there are brightly colored nebulae around and you can customize space stations, probes, asteroids and more. With 3D Earth Live Wallpaper HD you can say you have Earth in your pocket.

Earth Live Wallpaper


Earth Live Wallpaper is another wallpaper mainly centered around Earth (there are other planets you can see). The main drawing point for the Earth Live Wallpaper is the level of detail in the Earth model though. You can see topography and ocean depth in the Earth Live Wallpaper along with night light data from NASA and a bumpy surface model for Earth. You can also see clouds wrap and move around Earth, change lighting, see meteors, Santa Claus and UFOs, and zoom in.

Orbit Space 3D Free Live Wallpaper

Orbit Space 3D Free

Rounding out the list is Orbit Space 3D LWP Free which gives us a whole alien universe to explore and look at on your phone. The universe has three alien planets, distant galaxies, a unique sun in the center and of course asteroids, nebulae, etc. With the full version you get twelve alien planets, a host of moons, and different universe themes. The Orbit Space 3D LWP Free gives you full motion to explore this weird universe, so get to exploring!