Best Tablet Live Wallpapers

When one normally talks of wallpapers they most likely are talking about for your smart phones. However, tablets are huge in popularity nowadays and more and more live wallpapers are catering directly to tablet interfaces. Since tablets have larger screens wallpapers can do more and look even better. We have compiled a list of the best tablet live wallpapers so you don’t have to go searching yourself. Enjoy these wallpapers that will make your tablet experience that much better.

RadiantWalls HD PlanetScapes

Forget Earth or having a wallpaper that depicts anything on “boring” old Earth. With RadiantWalls HD – PlanetScapes live wallpaper your tablet is transformed into windows looking out at fantasy. You get to see different landscapes of the planet Avalon, each with their unique and breathtaking atmosphere. The different landscapes of RadiantWalls HD – PlanetScapes include night at Avalon Falls where you get to watch the water fall off the cliffs on the floating islands, Avalon’s Sunridge Canyon which has great floating boulders around, and sunset on Avalon’s Frosty Northern Tundra. All are extremely high definition and really make your homescreen shine.

Oriental Garden 3D

With the Oriental Garden 3D free live wallpaper you turn your tablet into a full garden with a full 3D view. It is almost zenlike and will really help aid you in relaxation. The scene includes the original tea house, waterfalls, birds flying by, vegetation and the landscape itself. Again, everything is 3D and full of animation so you’ll see leaves fall, water ripple and birds fly. The Oriental Garden 3D free is fairly realistic and makes you feel you’re there yourself just looking at it from slightly afar.

Live Sketchpad

A lot of the wallpapers in general and on this list feature gorgeous views of nature or fantasy situations, however the Live Sketchpad Wallpaper is totally different. Instead it gives you a great wallpaper full of great hand drawn art that comes alive! All the drawings are hand drawn on top of brown parchment paper giving your phone that art student look. Even better is that they are all animated with humorous motions. You have your choice between pencil, ink and watercolor drawings and you can customize aspects of it all. If you want something different then look at the Live Sketchpad Wallpaper.

Amsterdam City

With the Amsterdam City Live Wallpaper you get to experience Amsterdam as if you were there yourself! Note that it is a more cartoony version of Amsterdam but that doesn’t make it any less impressive of a wallpaper. The wallpaper outlines the whole city for you. Two rows of buildings, cars, bicycles, trees, people, the water channel and more. The great thing about this live wallpaper is the interactiveness and detail of it all. Buildings window lights light up randomly, cars beep, you can turn off/on the lights of the Red Light District, etc. Everything is also configurable, so the number of people, cars, etc. is under your control.

Space Colony

Ever wonder what it would feel like to be on the first space colony? Luckily the Space Colony live wallpaper turns your tablet into just that. There are five looks of the space colony city you can choose from and all are surrounded by a pretty but toxic aura. This aura is configurable and you can choose the color and hue of it. Above the city you see various spaceships, both passenger and cargo, fly by and of course the stars. You can customize the illumination of the buildings, camera paths and more to give the Space Colony live wallpaper a more personal feel.

Digital Flux

The Digital Flux Free Live Wallpaper, to me, gives a modern day twist on an oldschool wallpaper theme. What I mean by this is that it reminds me of the original Windows wallpapers such as the pipe or all the other weird geometric patterns. With the Digital Flux Free Live Wallpaper you get a field of cubes that pulsate up and down casting realistic shadows and in general are in high definition. You can choose what color you want the cubes to be and can even control the movement of them (responds by touch). There are also different surface textures for the cubes to give another customization element.

Steampunk Skull

If you like Steampunk then the Steampunk Skull Free Wallpaper may be the one for you. As the name implies it features a skull full of gears, lights and other steampunk related items. There are six themes you can choose from and you can put a vintage film effect on as well. The gears follow your finger movements and as to be expected you can customize gears, lights, and more. The Steampunk Skull Free Wallpaper is for anyone who loves steampunk, Victorian era, Clockwork or similar things.

Droid DNA Live Wallpaper

Like the Digital Flux Wallpaper the Droid DNA Live Wallpaper is not a landscape but rather an every changing pattern. In this case it is of “DNA” which really looks like a sphere of hexagons. Very cool nonetheless. You have complete control over the color and how quickly the colors change. Also worth mentioning is that the Droid DNA Live Wallpaper is fairly lightweight and will not kill your battery like a lot of the other heavier wallpapers will.

Nexus Revamped Pro Live Wallpaper

The Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper is a fun one. It basically shoots brightly colored particles around your screen. The fun part comes where you can tap your screen to shoot out more, it even works with multiple fingers! As per usual you can change the colors, speed, and appearance of the particles. Again, the Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper is fairly lightweight so it isn’t too much of a battery hog and if you upgrade to the pro version it reacts (through color changes) when your battery is low.

Season Zen HD

Going back to simple natural wallpapers is the Season Zen HD live wallpaper. With this one you get gorgeous pictures for all the seasons. Even better is a lot of the seasonal themes are then customizable to fit the theme even better. For instance you can put Easter eggs on the Spring one. The Season Zen HD wallpaper also features nice animations for things such as trees swaying in the wind, birds flying, cherry blossoms floating past, etc. Really the “zen” part of the title is true, Season Zen HD is an extremely relaxing wallpaper.