Lucky Paper Lantern Free Live Wallpaper

Lucky Paper Lantern Free Live Wallpaper for Android


Get your own, 3D, lucky paper lantern for the background of your Android device! This app is for anyone who likes anything about Japan, Korea, Singapore or China. Or if you like to show off how beautiful your phone is with wonderfully designed paper lanterns. Watch as your lantern swings back and forth, gently, in the wind.

Choose your design, color, and message to create a unique oriental feel for your Android devices background. With many options, including:

-6 different paper lantern designs (More coming soon).

-20 different Chinese character combinations. With the option to have it change randomly whenever you return to your home screen. (More choices coming soon).

-Choose any color lantern you want. Also, the option to have the lantern change colors randomly, every time you return to your home screen.

-Several different backgrounds with Asia oriented settings. (Old Japanese Village street, Bamboo Forest). Including other abstract backgrounds. (More choices coming soon)

-Adjust the way the background scrolls with your homescreen. Let it take its time to rotate around the lamp or have it match the speed of your normal home screen swipes. It also has a lock option.

Updates Coming Soon-

More animal lantern designs! (Zodiac animals and pandas!)
More choices for what is written on the lamp
Light flicker option
Accelerometer control – Let the tilt of your phone determine the movement of the lamp.
Dust particles
Add a moth.

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