Ludus Live Wallpaper

Ludus Live Wallpaper for Android


Ludus Live Wallpaper is a revolutionary kind of wallpaper designed for tablets and phones. It lets you create completely custom live wallpapers together with your friends. Get creative and have fun with Ludus!

To start having fun:
1. Set Ludus Live Wallpaper as a wallpaper (simply start the app or select it from list of live wallpapers)
2. Double tap on the wallpaper or start it from the launcher at any time to enter edit mode
3. Invite friends to join you or just make your own wallpapers
4. Create many wallpapers and share them with various friends. Switch among the wallpapers to see what your friends are creating.

1. Draw: free hand draw, use long press to fill areas, choose colors and effects
2. Images: use your own photos or choose the built-in images. Resize, rotate and flip them. Make them move around at various speed settings.
3. Text: choose your font and color, make it travel along the path you set.
4. Animations: choose the built-in animations for more fun, resize them, rotate and flip and make them travel around on your wallpaper.
5. Screenshots: create wide screenshots and share them (check overflow menu)

Quick tips:
1. Read help at any time to see detailed instructions
2. Use double slide to pan the canvas in draw mode
3. Use ‘play’ in edit mode to see the animations
4. Use long press on objects to edit them
5. The stronger your device is, the more fun you will have with Ludus

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If this is your first time to install a live wallpaper using our site, feel free to visit our comprehensive guide on this matter. If not, use one of two well-known options:

1. option:
Press the button below to be sent directly to the Google Play page.

2. option:
Scan QR code with your mobile device to be redirected to Google Play (good if you combine your desktop and mobile device). how to?

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