Samsung Galaxy 3 I5800 Live Wallpaper Support

This is Samsung Galaxy 3 I5800 live wallpaper support page. Here you can find information, leave your questions or share the experiences with this phone and its support for live wallpapers.

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  1. Alist'r D says:

    Does Samsung Galaxy 3 (Galaxy Appollo) and the Motorola Backflip support live themes?

    Please help .. I am considering getting one of these phones as they are in my Budget, however I need live wallpaper support…

  2. abhilash says:

    i have a samsung galaxy 3 i5801 . iam from india. it does not support live wallpapers

  3. Barbara says:

    I have the Samsung Galaxy 3.
    Does not support live wallpapers :-(

  4. Taresh says:

    I have a samsung galaxy 3 smart phone running android 2.1 still I can’t use live wallpaper

  5. vignesh says:

    I am having a galaxy 3 gt-i5801 eclaire (android 2.1) but i cant run live wallpaper i just want to know that if i update to2.2 i will be able to run live wallpaper please help me.

  6. manjukc says:

    i want to buy new android mobile around 12000rs..plzz suggest me a good mobile with all features. i am opting to go for galaxy 3 is it a good many apps does it runs at a time?does it support live does stearming works in it?

  7. PoP says:

    I have i5800 with 2.2 froyo custom rom and i have live wallpapers, u can get it on 2.1 and 2.2 with some minor tweaks. Go check XDA galaxy 3 forum, search for live wallpaper support

  8. boopalan says:

    im from india , i could not able to enable live wall paper in my smasung galaxy 3 15001

  9. nadimac says:

    In my case to the Galaxy 3 livewallpapers I5800 work perfectly, I hope to continue to give support

  10. Steven Coyle says:

    I Have a Samsung GT-I5800 And Mines Dosen’t Have Live Wallpapers. Is There A Way To Get Live Wallpapers?

  11. raju says:

    i have upgraded my firmware on samsung GT – i5800 but i am still unable to get live wallpaper. please let me know if there is any way of getting it.

  12. nikhil says:

    I have a samsung galaxy 3 IT DOES SUPPORT live wallpapers, but its disabled by default you need to root it, then installed the required files to get it started, just today in the morning i did it for another friend of mine. Just follow the instructions on the xda website link above. If you are not confident about it get someone who is computer literate to do it for you. For the command line typing part where you are required to type long commands you can always use wifi keyboard that will link up your pc to the phone via wifi. Just open the address that it tells you in your browser and type away in the terminal emulator.

  13. dilan says:

    a have samsung gt 15801 how can i download live wallpapres?

  14. ashish says:

    hi everyone
    i have galaxy 3 i5801
    android 2.2
    unable to run live wallpapers
    any other way to run live wallpapers without rooting????

  15. nitansh maini says:

    I have samsung galaxy 3 i5801. Live wallpapers are running very well on my device.

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