Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500 Live Wallpaper Support

This is Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500 live wallpaper support page. Here you can find information, leave your questions or share the experiences with this phone and its support for live wallpapers.

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  1. Got this info .. Samsung Galaxy I5500 (galaxy 5) supports live wallpapers but the I5801/I5800 (galaxy 3/appollo) doesn’t even tho the I5801 has beter specs and has Android 2.1 … so rooting may work on the I5801/5800

    please let me know if rooting helps getting live wallpapers on the I5800/I5801 (galaxy 3/ galaxy appollo)

  2. HI, just a question.. im about to buy samsung galaxy 5which will be my first android phone … just a question on how this site works… on the right upper side of the title says live wallpers… if i click it.. are all the wallpapers there suitable for samsung galaxy 5? i guess im just fairly new even to the android world.. how do i know which ones here are for samsung galaxy 5? thanks and more power!

  3. To root use unlockroot from pc & conect i5500 with data-cable, it will all so ask you to install safe batery optionaly, atention if it ask you to restart from the pc software chose NO, disconect phone from data cable & restart it manualy it’s a lot safer.

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