Samsung Intercept Live Wallpaper Support

This is Samsung Intercept live wallpaper support page. Here you can find information, leave your questions or share the experiences with this phone and its support for live wallpapers.

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  1. I have the sammsung intercept and its not on anyones list. is it that old of a phone? Well it won’t. Support the live walpapers but it still let’s me find them on the market.

  2. I have a samsung intercept and I want to know if anyone has found out how to use live wallpaper is there a download that I can use?? help!!! I WANT LIVE WALLPAPER . I cant belive that a $250 dollar phone doesnt have live wallpaper 🙁

  3. i am running ubuntu 6.0 rom on my samsung intercept..just downloand intercept-root program to gain root access and flash/install CM01 recovery on it aswell..Then wipe all data then flash the “almost-stock” rom and THEEN flash ubuntu on top of the almost stock rom..I’m running the matrix live wallpaper right now..Smooth as butter and fast as hell..

  4. Yes there is a way! You may have to root your phone &/or have a custom recovery, but if you’re willing to put in the time, all of your answers can be found by doing a google search “SDX Intercept” and searching through the SDX website for “Intercept Development” – should be along the right side panel of the site – good luck…

  5. I just downloaded The Amazing Spider Man live wall paper from Google Play’s market. But, before I installed it, it said that it was compatible with my phone. Now, I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to work the dumb thing because I have no live wall paper option. How can Google Play say that it’s compatible and yet when I open the app it goes straight to the settings page. Then I try going to my wall papers and after reviewing some youtube videos I see on their phone that they have wallpapers and live wall papers. How do I get live wall papers!?

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