Samsung Vibrant Live Wallpaper Support

This is Samsung Vibrant live wallpaper support page. Here you can find information, leave your questions or share the experiences with this phone and its support for live wallpapers.

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  1. I have the new samsung vibrant it does run live wallpapers but everytime I try to download panoplanet live for some reason the market tells me it cant find the app, can anybody help with this issue?

  2. Yeah I have a brand new Vibrant and I can’t get the “shakethemall” wallpaper. The other ones seem to work okay though – wierd. Will try again soon. ­čÖé

    • The problem is that developers have an option to set minimum hardware requirements for live wallpaper, so it’s possible that your phones don’t meet those minimum even if they support LW in general.

      • Galaxy Nexus features a lot of imntevomeprs like gestures, android beam, and a whole new functionality including refinement´╗┐ of core apps in Ice Cream Sandwich. The lack in this phone is the TouchWiz 4.0 apps. As it is from Samsung, it should have TouchWiz apps like Hubs and Polaris Office. How can we edit documents on Galaxy Nexus?

  3. I’m trying to get Particle Storm for my Samsung Vibrant, which is listed as a supported phone. However, when I scan the QR code or type it in, there are no matches in the market. Please advise. Thanks!

    • With HTC and Blackberry dropping to 299.99 for 16GB’s, I ableoutlsy think it makes no sense to charge a $100 premium for SAMOLED screen. (I can’t think of any other advantages the Galaxy holds over the other 7-in. tablets).

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