Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Live Wallpaper Support

This is Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 live wallpaper support page. Here you can find information, leave your questions or share the experiences with this phone and its support for live wallpapers.

16 responses to “Sony Ericsson Xperia X8”

  1. mehran says:

    how can i down load live wall paper to pc

  2. Saeed says:

    It’s really awesome

  3. Dilshan M says:

    I have Sony Ericson x8 and *ALL* your live wallpapers work fine.. however the only problem is the resolution… the resolution of the Apps. are larger than the actuall S.E x8 screen, So if you guys can just do a quick fix by changing your live screensavers’ resoution that would be great!!!
    thank you!! 🙂

  4. X8 says:

    Rooted my X8 and most of the wallpapers work now

  5. SASUKE says:


  6. funkerez says:

    how do i put it into my phone after i dwnload it

    • SEX 8 says:

      I know of two simple ways

      1With the help of an FTP app,once u download and install it on ur phone,as long as u have the phone and PC using WiFi from the same source/router/modem,u can transfer files wirelessly between ur PC and phone

  7. ADAM says:

    Your Ocean wave wallpaper is it cannot run on xperia x8 eclair? It load the picture long time and still showing black screen?

  8. Fyn says:

    I usually download live wallpapers to pc then to x8,the problem is that it function in the pc however,it did not function in my smartphone.1time my friend sent me a live wallpaper through bluetooth it did not work in my phone but hers is working as expected…Pls find a usefull access for live wallpapers soon .

  9. april says:

    Why i cant use live wallpapers in my xperia X8? Is not available n my phone, why? I saw a video where a xperia X8 was used Ocean wave. So why I cant?

    • Nicole says:

      Perhaps you should check first whether your phone is supported by an android 2.1 version and above. Or else it won’t work. Mine is working quite well since it’s android 2.1. Hope it helps.

  10. JIBIN says:


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