Photo Frame Live Wallpaper

Photo Frame Live Wallpaper for Android


Photo Frame Live Wallpaper is an Animated PhotoFrame a-like Live Wallpaper.

Select settings to choose your Picasa, Flickr And/Or FaceBook Account(s), then add your own album sources (public or private) and/or your friends albums (public or private shared with you). Also you can add SDCARD folder(s) or Remote Samba Folder(s) as a photo source(s) for the slide show.

At Photos, its caption or 1rst comment will be shown over the image.

You can limit external (Picasa/Flickr/Facebook) data download by setting the correspondant limits in the Photo Maximum Space Option. By default is zero, which means NO LIMIT. But if you have a Limited Bandwidth usage in your phone contract or Little Free SDCard Space, then sure you want to tune this option.

This Live Wallpaper is specially nice for tablets, with Photo Frame Live Wallpaper your tablet will become a Photo Frame when you are idle.

You can Also double-tap your screen to pause the slide show, at this point a floating control panel will appear to freely navigate and get photo info and comments.

Note: It’s better to send by email the issue/bug you’re experiencing. If you just post it in the review, there is no way to contact you for the problem details.

I’m looking for translators (150 Strings to be translated) Contact me if interested. Every language is welcome!! Very Welcomed: Korean, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Italian…

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